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a small selection of our recommendations

turkish fast food

you have to visit at least once Sahin Doener. Don't be afraid of that litte whoops whoops. I don't want to spoil, but whoops whoops is worth it. 

authentic thai food

if you want authentic thaifood you can't go wrong with Somsri. It is a family-owned thairestaurant. the fried noodles with peanutbuttersauce are amazing!! sometimes it is very crowded. Keep calm and wait, it is worth it.

great greek food

if you don't like garlic this is not the place to visit. But if you like a good authentic greek food you have to visit stelios. Please try the calamari they are fresh baked. In summertime the beergarden is your choice.

best italian restaurant 

it is a little bit to walk, but it is definitely worth it. Ask Enzo for his recommendation. He is always right... because he is italian of course he is.

fanciest restaurant around

if you want premium quality for a really good price you have to visit the fancy traditional restaurant "3 kronen" it is very unique and the owner creates amazing food. Enjoy the gin :)

frankonian restaurant

if you want typical frankonian food like sauerbraten mit kloss or fränkische bratwurst or if it is in season you have to try the karpfish (from september to april) you can't go wrong at this place.